Blind Bundles were a hit!

Last week I offered Blind Bundles made up of three skeins of Phydlbitz Sock yarns.   What made them “blind” was that I would be combining the yarns and offering each discounted trio as sight-unseen.

In the last couple of days, I have gotten emails from each of the individuals who bought one or more such Blind Bundles.  I don’t always get comments but each of these customers sent a note to let me know they were very much pleased with the selections I made in trying to make eye-pleasing combinations.

This pleases me enormously, and suggests I can move forward making future three-skein bundles to show for sale in the future.

There are several unclaimed solid-dyed Phydlbitz Sock from the most recent collection, so I might be combining at least some of them with previously posted multi-color Phydlbitz Sock yarns.  I will, of course, show them as visible bundles, but still at a bundled reduced price.

Today I am recovering from a colonoscopy after some horrendous preparations.  Basically, you have to spend a day on a clear liquid diet, then drink some nasty concoction to clear out the bowels.  Turned out my system didn’t like the concoction and half of the second batch came back up.  Yuck.  I’m fine now, but exhausted, and under strict orders to not drive, make no big decisions, and do no important work.

So I’ll tackle the most recent yarns tomorrow, but I did want to share my glee with you that all the customers buying Blind Bundles were really pleased with the color combinations I had selected. 🙂

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