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Hi there. Much of Houston is still without power. I’m  typing this on my phone but can’t process pictures. Can’t even dye yarn. No clue when power will be restored. Eight of the ten massive towers that were blown down are in Harris County and they are saying it could be weeks before we are up and running. Weeks of  no new yarns for you and no income at all for me. Obviously this is a right foul mess.


It is barely 3:00 a.m. so I won’t solve the issue now. I only just now figured how to make a post from my phone. I think I’ll have a cup of coffee and wait for daylight to inspire me.

Moving Right Along

Every time I turn around I discover some new thing about the new Website — elements I don’t like, broken links, weird (to me) formatting, things I need to tweak, adjust, and modify.   And I’ve been sick much of the week so I’ve not been particularly gung-ho about doing All The Things.   We’ll get there.

I have begun rebuilding the Blog Reader Specials page, but not the Patterns page — I have to dig back and located all the relevant pictures for each pattern, with instructions how to purchase.  I only sell 2 or 3 patterns a year, on average, but I’d still like to have them available for people to see and consider.   And then some background images would be nice.  And a better font and layout, too.  Sooooo many things.

I especially do not like the layout of this WordPress template package — difficult to modify, hard to navigate, and definitely annoying to me.

Anyway, so I’ve been muddling along trying to get the new Web site in order.   Today, I uploaded the most recent Blog Reader Specials that weren’t claimed last weekend.  There are on the NEW Blog Reader Specials page, but here is the group shot of them.







On to Day Three

Awwrighty, then!

I started the day by somehow getting myself locked out of here.  It took a while to get back in.  I think I have that straightened out (else I couldn’t be posting this here), and trying to get my head wrapped around what else needs to be done.

I had originally planned to dye up another batch of the Shropshire yarns, but I think I’m going to do a batch of Phydlbitz Sock tomorrow instead.  I still need to go through the previous Blog Reader Specials yarns and the Phydlbitz Sock are easier/faster to get ready for dyeing.

It will likely take a couple of weeks to get the ‘look-and-feel’ into a better presentation, but more important I am able to sell yarns.  I have several medical appointments coming soon that will take time away from work, so I have to make money ahead so I don’t get into trouble in May.

And with that, I am off to do work-stuff.  🙂

Day Two of the Rebuild

Okay, I’m getting my bearings, and muddling my way through the WordPress package.  The basics are quite familiar but setting up the “look-and-feel” is taking me a bit of time.

I was hoping to have time to dye and show yarns this weekend, but at the moment I am unsure that will happen.