Introducing Blind Bundles!

Happy Sunday!

Houston (and much of Texas) is experiencing heavy rains and some flooding in various areas lately.  My yard was slightly flooded Friday when I needed to get to clinic and the waters hadn’t gone done while I was away several hours.  Fortunately it didn’t come even as high as my ramp this time, so that was a relief.

I’ve had some ongoing health issues that I can’t figure out, and have several more doctor appointments this month so my dyeing is rather out of sync from what I normally prefer.  I’d not dyeing at all this weekend, but I was able to post the unclaimed yarns from last weekend.  Here is the group shot of the unclaimed yarns:

The Shropshire 160 yarns are posted to the Blog Reader Specials page.  The Phydlbitz Sock have been held aside to join the Blind Bundle special deal.  In order to rebuilding the Web site, I have to organize the available yarns, find and upload their pictures, and re-create the BRS page.   I’ve done that for all the non-Phydlbitz yarns, but I figured we’d have some fun with the Phydlbitz.

Empty the Bins!

All week (May 5 – 11)  Everything on the Blog Reader Specials page will be invoiced at 10% off.  Just email me your requests and I will take care of it for you.


There are still many dozen Phydlbitz Sock Blog Reader Specials not shown on this page, most from before the Web site crash.  Rather than reloading them here as I rebuild the Website I am offering THREE PHYDLBITZ SOCK for $70.00 (you save $12.50) as a Blind Bundle.   I will select three skeins for you, and I will do my best to make pleasant combinations.  Just tell me how many Blind Bundles you want and I’ll take care of it for you.  I can fit up to 12 skeins of Phydlbitz into a single flat-rate Priority ship box ($15.00 inside the U.S.).  No additional discounts on Blind Bundles. 

Once most of the Blind Bundles are claimed, I will begin re-loading pictures of any remaining yarns next week.

I will be shipping orders on Wednesday and Saturday, and hope to have new yarns dyed to show next Sunday.


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