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I just put in an order for more Phydlbitz Sock coned yarn.  I really prefer the pre-made hanks as they are easier for me to prepare for dyeing, but the price difference between the cones and the hanks is such that I can more easily afford the cones.   Oh well, it is what it is, and it is the same yarn from the same mill.

The issue this week is that Thursday is a federal holiday and I don’t know if UPS will deliver by Saturday.  I could either fret about it, or make up my mind to reject the stress and do something different this weekend.  Considering Hurricane Beryl is already formed and aiming for somewhere in the Gulf, I have enough stress for the week.  Honestly, based on what I’ve seen and read, it will most likely hit the east coast of Mexico, but since it is already Category 5, there will likely be rain bands up  as high as Houston, creating a bit of a mess.

So, once I get the current BRS collection processed, I can finish reposting allllll the unpost previous Blog Reader Specials yarn and have a big holiday Empty The Bins sale.  And hope the storm avoids Houston.  And further hope my holiday sale discounts are enough to cover the bills due next week.  🙂

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