I Grapely Appreciate You

This Trio is now sold.

Recently I was asked to create a custom-dyed set of Phydlbitz Sock in an amethyst color, but with lights and darks similar to all the array shown on a cut or faceted stone.  So that’s what I did.

And since I had so much extra dye prepared, and some extra yarns ready in case I needed them, I decided to make some extra purple skeins.

These were all dyed as individual skeins, so they are NOT Twinsets and can’t be sold with a Twinset claim.  But they were all dyed the same day with the same batch of dye.

Normally, Phydlbitz Sock is $27.50 per skein, and would be $82.50 if bought normally.  BUT if you email me and ask for the Grape-ish Trio I will let you have them for $70.00 as a bundle, plus normal shipping/handling.   🙂


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